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In Seattle, Washington traffic tickets are categorized as traffic infractions and criminal traffic offenses. Seattle traffic ticket attorneys will all agree that contesting your ticket and requesting a hearing is your best option over simply paying. Ticket Void will help you find an experienced attorney that will contest the ticket on your behalf. Fighting a ticket is encouraged because paying a ticket admits guilt and results in hefty increases in car insurance rates which over time can become more costly than the initial fine itself. The speeding ticket attorneys that Ticket Void has relationships with have excellent track records in court and can save you time and the annoyance of appearing in court.


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Washington Speeding Ticket Penalties

Washington has imposed strict penalties and fines for drivers caught speeding. This is due in part to the majority of car accidents that occur in the state caused by drivers who were speeding. Having a traffic defense attorney on your side will help you defend your rights. Washington has imposed the following penalties for speeding drivers that without a traffic ticket lawyer would be impossible to fight:

When the speed limit is less than 40 mph:

Violation Penalty

Speed Over The LimitFine Assessed
1-5 MPH over $113.00
6-10 MPH over $124.00
11-15 MPH over $154.00
16-20 MPH over $195.00
21-25 MPH over $247.00
26-30 MPH over $298.00
31-35 MPH over $349.00
35 MPH or over $411.00

When the speed limit is over 40 mph:

Violation Penalty

Speed over the limit Fine Assessed
1-5 MPH over $93.00
6-10 MPH over $113.00
11-15 MPH over $144.00
16-20 MPH over $175.00
21-25 MPH over $206.00
26-30 MPH over $247.00
31-35 MPH over $298.00
36-40 MPH over $349.00
Over 40 MPH over $411.00

Every year Ticket Void helps drivers get their Seattle speeding ticket charges dismissed with the help of quality speeding ticket attorneys. The reason is because these smart drivers are contesting their tickets with the help of experienced traffic ticket attorneys. If you want the best chance of getting your case dismissed and preserving your driving record so that your insurance rates don't increase contact Ticket Void and we'll connect you to a skilled traffic ticket lawyer.

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Common violations in Washington include:

Reckless Driving/ Negligent Driving: Can cause your license to be suspended, and when paired with other infractions can make it almost impossible to get your suspended license back.

Lane violations: These traffic violations can include HOV lane violations along with improper lane changes. HOV and express lane violations can carry heavy fines of up to $124.00.

Red light violations: A red light violation can be troublesome because of the maximum fine of $250.00. Another issue with red light violations are the automated process in which the registered owner of the vehicle receives the traffic citation, regardless of who was actually driving the vehicle. If a red light violation is received, you have a limited time to fight the infraction. Failure to pay a red light violation can result in suspension of license.

Failure to appear (FTA): A failure to appear is a serious infraction and can result in the suspension of license. Failure to pay for a fine can result in the suspension of a license as well. If you receive a failure to pay or appear, a 15 day window exists to fight the infraction. Sometimes, a reissuing fee of up to $75.00 can be assessed in addition to the costs already incurred.

DUI/DWI: A serious offense in any state, Washington has strict guidelines for what is considered driving under the influence. If a driver is suspected of having any substance legal or illegal, the pending charges can be extremely costly. As of August 1st, 2012 substances that are inhaled chemically or ingested will result in DUI suspicion as well. Protect yourself and your license because of the multiple substances that can be defined in a DUI stop. Remember, Commercial DUI stops have a lower BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit at .04 BAC, as opposed to a .08 BAC for individuals over 21 and .02 for minors (under 21) stopped under suspicion of DUI.

DWLS: Driving While License Suspended is serious offense. This can result from outstanding warrants along with failure to appear charges or delinquent payments on offenses like driving under the influence or lane violations. Often times, when a driver is pulled over for an offense, and they are unaware of a suspended license, penalties can increase greatly including jail time if not handled by an attorney with traffic ticket expertise.

Why should I fight my traffic ticket to save my DMV record?

In Washington, harsh infractions like those listed above can carry serious weight on your driving record. When multiple infractions on your driving record occur from traffic violations, the penalties can become much more severe and you may even lose your license. Depending on your age and prior driving record, even one conviction for a Washington state moving violation can have a significant impact on your insurance rates.

When traffic penalties are reported to the DMV, not only is your driving record affected, but your insurance premiums as well. Insurance companies can raise your rates because of traffic tickets and over time, the money saved from using a traffic ticket attorney can save much more money than using a lawyer to fight the infraction. Without the help of a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney, your livelihood could be in jeopardy.

DMV's near Seattle:

Location Address Phone
Bellevue/ Bel-Red 13133 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue, WA 98005
Federal Way 1617 S 324th St
Federal Way, WA 98003-6004
Kent 25410 74th Ave S
Kent, WA 98032-6011
Renton 1314 Union Ave NE
Ste 4
Renton, WA 98059-3959
Seattle: Downtown 205 Spring St
Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle: Downtown EDL/EID1000 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
Seattle: Greenwood320 N 85th St
Seattle, WA 98103
Seattle: West8830 25th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106-3237
Shoreline18551 Aurora Ave N
Suite 100
Shoreline, WA 98133-7583
Tacoma6402 S Yakima Ave
Ste C
Tacoma, WA 98408-4514

Looking for a court in King County/ Seattle?

King County Superior Court516 3rd Ave, Rm C-203
Seattle, WA 8104-2361
206-296-9100King County Superior
Court Website
King County Clerk516 3rd Ave, Rm E609
Seattle, WA 98104-2363
206-296-9300King County Clerk
Maleng Justice Center401 4th Ave N, Rm 2D
Kent, WA 98032-4429
206-205-2501Maleng Justice Center
King County Juvenile Court1211 E Alder St
Seattle, WA 98122-5553
206-205-9422King County Juvenile
Court Website
King County District Court516 3rd Ave, Rm W-1034
Seattle, WA 98104-2385
206-205-2820King County District
Court Website

For a list of Municipal Courts including; Bellevue, Carnation, Duvall, Kenmore, Kirkland, North Bend, Redmond, Sammamish, Shoreline and others- CLICK HERE

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